US Personalities React to Supreme Court Decision not to Review the case of the Cuban Five


International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban Five


Gayle McLaughlin,

Mayor of Richmond, California

“It is an outrage that these five men continue to be unjustly imprisoned for peacefully protecting their country against terrorist attacks, while our judicial system turns a blind eye.  It is essential that the people of the United States become more aware of the profound disregard by our government for examining the facts of this case.  It is essential for the freedom of the five, but also essential for the preservation of justice for all.”

Peter Phillips

Professor Sociology/Director Project Censored

Sonoma State University, CA

“The Supreme Courts failure to review the case of the Cuban Five is justice denied! The US corporate media's coverage of the decision was nothing more than hyperreal propaganda. Together they represent the continuation of overt repression inside the US global empire.”


Antonio González

President of William C Velásquez Institute


 "I was saddened to learn that the Supreme Court has declined to review the case of the Cuban Five. Once again, the Court has deepened the gap between observance of America's best values of fairness and equality versus in-practice tolerance and/or impunity for real-life practitioners of terrorism."


While the Cuban Five unfairly rot in American jails, known members of the Miami exile community continue to conspire to commit acts of illegal violence in Latin America and proven terrorists like Luis Posada Carriles go unpunished.


It is my hope that over the next period incoming Supreme Court Justices will resolve this unbearable contradiction in American democracy in favor of victims like the Cuban Five, and Congress and the President in their wisdom will finally heal the generations old wound that is US\-Cuban relations by normalizing relations between our two noble peoples." 


Noam Chomsky

American Linguist, philosopher, author and lecturer

"It is shameful, but regrettably not surprising, that the US Supreme Court has refused to review the disgraceful punishment of the Cuban five for the "crime" of discovering plans to carry out terrorist acts against Cuba, and informing US authorities of these criminal conspiracies on US soil."

Marjorie Cohn

President of the National Lawyers Guild


“Justice has suffered a severe blow with the Supreme Court's denial of review in the Cuban Five case. This exemplifies the United States' double standard on terrorism. The U.S. government protects real terrorists like Luis Posada Carriles, who is responsible for the first in-air bombing of a commercial airliner, while punishing those - like the Cuban Five - who seek to prevent terrorism.”


Piero Gleijeses

Author and Lecturer

“My heart goes out to the Five. I deeply admire the courage and the dignity they have shown through these years of ordeal, and I have no words to express my disgust at this gross miscarriage of justice by the US courts.”

Bishop Thomas J. Gumbleton

Detroit, MI


"I am extremely disappointed in the Supreme Court's decision regarding the case of the Cuban Five.  I hoped that they would review the facts and provide a fair decision that would free the Cuban Five.  But now I find that, once again, some people do not get a genuine opportunity for justice.

I intend to join with people and organizations all over the world to continue working for the release of the Cuban Five."


Michael Parenti, Ph.D.,

Author and Lecturer


“The Cuban Five have been incarcerated under false charges. Far from being "terrorists" they devoted their efforts to uncovering acts of terrorism directed against their country. They stole no government documents or secrets and they committed no unlawful acts. The unwillingness of the US Supreme Court to grant them a fair day in court is a measure of the political dishonesty of this supposedly exalted institution and the dismal lack of fair play in the US juridical system. For the sake of justice and for better relations with Cuba and Latin America, the five men should be released and allowed to return to their families in Cuba.”

Rev. Lucius Walker

Executive Director IFCO/Pastors for Peace

"President Obama has a lot of soul-searching to do behind his administration's position, and the Supreme Court's decision, to not review the case of the Cuban Five.  The reason the Five have been in US prisons for more than 10 years is that the US government doesn't want to own up to the fact that countless right-wing terrorist attacks have been launched against Cuba from US soil over the last five decades.  While the infamous terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, who was responsible for bombing a Cuban airliner and killing 73 people, is walking free in Miami, it is hard to understand that the five Cubans -- who were not spying on the US government, but rather infiltrating those very same US-based terrorist groups to protect their own people from similar attacks -- should not at least have their case reviewed.”